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Shared facilities

The conference facilities on the first floor include meeting rooms of various sizes and an auditorium that seats 180 people. All meeting rooms need to be booked via the electronic booking system.

High class premises for meetings with sauna facilities are available on the 11th floor. The sauna facilities also include a hot tub available to tenants. Separately leasable sauna facilities are also located on the fifth floor of the old section, including a 140 m2 rooftop terrace.

There is a fitness centre with saunas and spacious shower facilities and changing rooms on the basement level.

Booking system

To book meeting rooms, please use our Varian booking system >

Conference rooms

Meeting rooms are located on the first floor of Keilaranta 1. The rooms are available to tenants free of charge. Bookings can be made via the Varian booking system >

The property has two meeting and sauna facilities for entertaining guests. One is located on the 11th floor of Building A (Loiste) and the other is on the fifth floor of Building B (Ulappa).

The facilities can be rented for a separate fee. Please direct reservations and enquiries to Sodexo.

Sodexo Oy
Tel. +358 (0)50 4105 401