Keilaranta1 pysäköinti


Parking for personnel

The heated indoor car park at the property comprises 434 parking spaces, with 45 reserved for electric cars.

Visitor parking

The parking area (21 parking spaces) in front of the property is intended for visitors only. The visitor parking area is monitored by a private traffic warden company.

Visitors need to enter their registration number in the list at the reception desk. The traffic warden company monitors parked cars based on the information entered in the list. Cars missing from the list or cars that are otherwise incorrectly parked will be subject to a fine.

Please contact the traffic warden company regarding any enquiries related to parking control and fines:

APV Alueellinen Pysäköintivalvonta Oy
PO box 204
00181 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)20 012 012


Bicycle stands are available near the main entrance and in the indoor car park. Cyclists can obtain an access card from the reception to park inside the car park (the stands are located opposite the carwash).


Motorcycles can par in car parking spaces. There are no spaces specifically designated for motorcycles.

Leasing of parking facilities:

Antero Hytönen
Real Estate Manager, Keva
Tel. +358 (0)20 614 2312 / +358 (0)400 138 822